Dog Sports

We are excited to be able to offer true canine FUN! We offer some of the most popular sports out there like Dock Diving, Agility, Frisbee, and Rally/Competition Obedience. There's something for everyone, so give a sport a try!!! We have group classes and private lessons available. 


*please note that all services are by appointment only. Please e-mail for service!* 



Dock Diving & Swimming!

Dock jumping also known as dock diving is a dog sport in which dogs compete injumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water. We are excited to be a full North America Diving Dog (NADD) facility! Private lessons and groups classes. 


WHAT: Beginner Dock and Competition Dock
COST: Intro to Swimming, ($150), Intro to Dock ($150), Beginner/Competition Dock ($150), Private Lessons ($40/half hour)

Each class is a four week session that meets one hour every week, weather permitting, for four consecutive weeks. Class sizes are limited to 4 working spots to ensure plenty of quality working time. 

*Intro to Swimming is for dogs who are not yet confident swimmers or have not been swimming before
*Intro To Dock/Beginner Dock is for dogs who are confidently swimming and ready to start the foundation for dock diving.

*Intro to Dock/Swimming is a combination class where both skills levels are welcome
*Competition Dock is for dogs confidently jumping off the dock and are looking to gain additional skills for tracking, throwing, and increasing their personal bests.

*Competition/Beginner Dock is a combination class where dogs both skills levels are welcome, dog must be confidently jumping 




Air Retrieve!

Air Retrieve is an event hosted by North America Diving Dogs in which a bumper is suspended above the water and the dog has to grab and bring it down. There are different divisions based on the distance the bumper is set and retrieved at. This sport is for dogs who are already confidently jumping off the dock and are tracking the toy. 






WHAT: Air Retrieve Lessons
WHEN: by appointment only
COST: $40/half hour

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Disc dog (commonly called Frisbee dog) is where dogs and their human disc throwers compete in events such as distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching. This is a really neat sport to watch and to play, with competitions and events hosted frequently at our farm! Private lessons available --  Learn how to play frisbee safely with your dog while having fun!!

Limit -- 2015 World Champion


WHAT: Private Lessons
WHEN: by appointment only
COST: $80/hour or $40/half hour

All skill levels welcome. 

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