Below is The Brightside Dog Training & Boarding Facility waiver for events, classes, private lessons, and private rentals. Please print the form below and bring with you when coming to The Brightside. 


Block times for the upcoming NADD August Scorcher have posted below. This is the final update as of August 19 at 8:15am. T


The weekend is approaching quickly and it looks like we will have some cooler temps coming in with a potential of pop up storms. This event will happen rain or shine but we will take breaks if there is lightning/thunder within the vicinity.

Please be sure to bring a copy of the NADD/COVID & Brightside Waiver (all can be found on the above link) with you......yes, even if you have been to our last events, we need them for each and every event! Please do not e-mail. Payment is check or Venmo only when you check-in. 

!!There are NO 'day of entries' available for this event!!

BLOCK 1, which is LAST NAMES A-H, will check in promptly at 730am on Saturday AND Sunday for an 8am start (so sorry LOL). 


BLOCK 2, which is LAST NAMES I-Z, will check in promptly at 130pm on SATURDAY for a 2pm start and an 1130am check in with 12pm start for SUNDAYPLEASE NOTE SUNDAY START TIME FOR BLOCK 2 IS EARLIER THAN SATURDAY AS WE DON'T HAVE AIR RETRIEVE ON SUNDAY!!!!




--> Friday AR  <-- will run 'like normal' starting at 5pm (check in 445pm). Please make sure you are checked in by 6pm in order to finish your round before dark. 

-->Saturday AR <-- will check in/start at 1130am. If you are in Block 1 and have a dog in AR, you'll finish your AR after your jumps. If you are in Block 2 and have a dog in AR, you will arrive around 1130am to check in and complete your round before your jumps. 

The waivers are posted BELOW!

Your judges this weekend will be Dean Werts, Tracy Cann, Angela Maddux, Megan Underwood (Senior Judge), and Katy Chadwick (Senior Judge). Connie Fore will be the event photographer. There are NO vendors this weekend so please bring drinks/snacks. You are welcome to setup a tent for shade by your car while you are here but please pack it up and take it with you after your block is over. 

-- Please note that the time blocks are done MANUALLY by hand as there is no way to sort this by last name in the NADD Portal. Yes, that means I literally sat down and wrote every single persons name in backwards (last name, first name, then dog name). There will be spelling mistakes and other mistakes and I apologize for that, I am only human. This sheet is just used for you/us to separate everyone into block times.... we have all the 'official NADD stuff' to use for entry, data, etc that is all 100% correct with names, what you entered, etc so have no fear! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Be sure to follow the event page on FB for updates should we have a weather delay:

See you all this weekend for our last NADD event of the 2020 season! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail




BRIGHTSIDE WAIVER Facility waiver. 485 KB



Sign and print one of each to bring with you for any NADD Event hosted at The Brightside. For new dock clients coming for rentals or lessons, you only need to bring a copy of THE BRIGHTSIDE waiver above.